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"Dr. Dad"- non-scripted docu-drama


Lynn TV Productions latest show offers a unique approach to reality TV, as a prominent plastic surgeon tries to find the perfect balance between family and running a successful plastic surgery center. Join Dr. Gregory Albert, of Palm Beach, Florida as he attempts to balance a challenging family life with his wife and co-worker Lania Albert and their two daughters. Dr. Albert is the plastic surgeon of the rich and famous and the surgeon of choice of a  NHL hockey team. Available Now! 




Sex sells we all know, so its time for a show that delivers quality sex talk..."LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX" The Dr. JILL SHOW is the unique new reality Show that follows one of South Florida's top SEX THEARPISTS, Dr. Jill as she meets with and helps clients from all walks of life. Her clients include Straight, Gay and Trans-gender. Dr. Jill specializes in the important field of the new phenomenon of online sexuality and sexting which has become so important in most relationships today. Viewers will be able to see Dr. Jill utilize her brand of down to earth Therapy and kind compassion as she tacklesSexual challenges of almost every type. When this" Doctor is IN" it is always fascinating, fun and even heart-warming. There is never a dull moment as we follow Dr. Jill. Audiences are sure to gain some new sexual knowledge with every new episode.Audiences will love Dr Jill and her unique set of clients and friends. 

JT's Rise To Stardom

Where Reality TV Meets the Restaurant and Music Business- JT'S RISE TO STARDOM is the exciting new music-driven reality show that follows the fascinating career rise of a super talented musician, John "JT" Tutino, as he travels and tours the world from South Florida to Nashville to his native Italy (land of his ancestors) New York and more! Join JT as drama unfolds when he opens a new Jazz Bar in Delray Beach Florida.

Get Fit and Stay in Fashion
with your hunk of a host
Lou Kahuna- Join Lou as he explores the secrets to staying fit and healthy with guest Dick Van Dyke and Bernie Saphire- Senior Olympian and stylist to the stars!

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